Timothy Vajda (pronounced VI-da) is a composer and instrumentalist whose principal instrument is the viola da gamba. He also plays the medieval fiddle, electric and acoustic guitar, and keyboard. As a gambist, he participated in numerous early music performances in the St. Louis area with members of the St.Louis Symphony and more recently as a member of the Ganzfeld Quartet. Tim has studied early music performance with Nicholas McGegan and Bruce Dickey and was also the guitarist for Catnip College, a band that played blues and rock and specialized in improvisations that ranged from straight- forward blues to atonal, polyrhythmic mayhem. In 2016, he reunited with two other original members of Catnip College to form a trio consisting of drums, keyboard, and amplified viola da gamba/electric guitar. As a composer, Vajda enjoys exploring the textural possibilities of the instruments available to him, and combining various, sometimes disparate, compositional methods. He received his Master's Degree in Music Theory/Composition from Webster University in St. Louis, MO.