Venus Mars Jupiter Titan Neptune Phobos Luna Pluto
Worlds is an album of experimental soundscape impressions of some of the planets and moons in our solar system. The instruments used to create the sounds include bass and treble viols, electric guitar, ocarina, tenor recorder, Thai flute and Thai khaen.
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Breath is an instrumental piece designed to induce a calm, meditative state of mind in the listener.
Green Road Harbor Junction Forest Fair
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Letting Go Elegy Flyover Reunion Open Road
The title Passage refers to the passing from this life to the next as often described in accounts of near-death experiences.
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Nightfall Sea Dream Hypnagogic Drift Second Sleep
Nightfall is an EP of experimental music depicting the coming of the night and the strange worlds we inhabit in our dreams.
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Delta Corner of the Eye Glyde Morning Sentinel Lincoln Green
Stream Black Ice Currents Underway Devonshire High-Rise
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Say On Push Off Time Phin Carondelet A Notch Under the Good Ninety Halcyon Days The Valley Tonight October As the Crow Flies
Bootstrap Physics features the viola da gamba, an instrument most commonly associated with Renaissance and Baroque music, in combination with acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, medieval fiddle, and percussion.
Vajda plays all the instruments and writes all the tunes on this instrumental disc, and it is really compelling. His primary instrument is the viola da gamba, which looks like a cello, plays like a cello — but it’s a viola. Regardless of my ignorance on that topic, I can still appreciate the beauty of this music. Soothing, intriguing and different enough to make it stand out. Toledo City Paper   August 19, 2004
I'm particularly excited about this album... I was really inspired by Vajda's modern uses of the gamba, and hope that this release will inspire other gambists to stretch their musical ambitions beyond the printed score. John Buckman, Founder and Owner - Magnatune
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